Klaw Kronicle 13/01

We had a great end to last year and a flying start to this one with a couple of great reviews. Identita Golose mentioned us on their website in a fantastic article about oysters in Dublin. The Irish Independent were kind enough to give us their “Finally we have good affordable seafood in Dublin” award (we have an inkling that they may have invented this award just for us). The Sunday Business Post included us in their round up of the years culinary highlights and we got a cheeky mention in none other than The Guardian, telling it’s fine readership to stop into us for some grub when visiting Dublin to take part in the celebrations of the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. All of this is great, no doubt, but they all pale in comparison to the news that a member of our staff is “as cool a guy as you’d ever want to meet,” well that’s according to CHOCOOLATE on TripAdvisor who’d been in and hung out with J-Dog for an afternoon of Bill Withers tunes and Oysters.


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We’ve done a bit of a change-up on our menu, we’ve added mussel pots, mac-and-cheese as a side-dish (with the option to beef it up with crab or lobster) and a San Francisco style Cioppino. The origins of this delicious tomato-based stew are a bit vague, one urban legend states that fishermen used to ask around for fish to “CHIP IN” to a stew, and this phrase was Italianised to make the name Cioppino. As much as I’d love this to be true it’s more likely that the stew came from Italian settlers from Genoa and the name means “little soup”. Either way this rich tomatoey stew has been appearing on our menu as a special every now and then but now it’s here for good. With cockles, Galway Bay mussels, Atlantic prawns, crab claws and a fillet of the catch of the day, it’s almost too good to say no to this seafood feast.



We’re also gunning for some awards in this years Irish Times Food Awards, we’d only love for a vote in the Best Newcomer and Best Casual Dining categories. In the process you might even bag yourself some great prizes for nominating.




We’ve had a couple of technical issues since the last Klaw Kronicle, basically the message in a bottle that we send from out was lost and sea, so sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while and we’d like to wish you a belated Happy New Year to one and all who’ve been into Klaw, who’ve walked past Klaw or who may or may not at come and visit Klaw. Basically Happy New Year to everyone!


The Wizard